Dear cc, 6 ways your life won’t actually change as you turn 3.

1. Pants continue to be optional


2. When someone says hello, it remains a perfectly acceptable response to turn into a dragon, and spit fire at them. Or cast a spell that turns their hair into antlers


3. Seeking vicarious thrill out of making unreasonable demands from your parents, can still remain a full time job


4. Your parents will continue trying to feed you things that aren’t Bhujiya

5. You will continue to be in a relationship with us, because we know how to operate the music system
6. No 3 year old is ever going to rock those glasses, more than you
I guess what I am saying is that, there is really no quitting this madness. Happy 3 to you!

Finders Keepers

We created the FOUND BOX, and I explained to the kid that this is where all the mud, sticks and dead leaves she brings home from the street, will go.

To show how, I picked up a stone, said ‘Found it!’, took it home, and put it in the box.

As soon as we got out of the house today, she points to a shiny white cycle that was parked outside, and goes, “Look mama, found it!”



Papa: Acha eat this last bite. Pakka last hai.
Kid at 6.30pm: Papa one more Peppa Pig, Pakka last hai!
Kid at 6:34 pm: Papa one more Peppa Pig, Pakka last hai!
Kid at 6:38 pm: Papa one more Peppa Pig, Pakka last hai!
Papa: Ab isko God Promise sikhana padega.