The Future is Cool, as Written by 2 Year Olds.

IMG_20160507_191200_443Every day from 6 pm to 8 pm, my one and half year old daughter opens the kitchen cabinet, takes out potatoes and puts them away in carefully selected corners of the house. That is her thing. Open drawer, take out potatoes one by one, find a random corner in the house, and place the potato down as carefully as if it were a baby being put to sleep. If I were not a mother, I would be disturbed at the consistency in which this happens in my household. But since I am a mother, I have just started believing that she is preparing for the imminent war, and storing food away so we won’t starve when we go into hiding.

Speaking of the war and the future, I admit I was a little curious what the other 2-7 year olds were thinking nowadays. I asked a set of parents to ask their little ones, what they wanted to be when they grew up. Turns out all the talk about what sort of a world are we are leaving behind for our kids, is really a bucket load of crap. Judging by the answers I got, by the time these little ones grow up, this world is going to be way cooler than what it is now. Here are some of my favorite ones.

A Watermelon

Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside, environment friendly and vegetarian, WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO BE ONE?


A Fireman “because firemen love danger & pasta” (3 yo)

You eat, and you save people’s lives. Priorities are set right, yo!

An Artist who drives a Ferrari

The world needs to appreciate art much more than it does now.


 An Elephant (2 yo)

The mother did clarify if she wanted to care for elephants, but the two year old did not need a career counselor. “No! I want to be an elephant!”


A Siren for the Police Car….Woooooo rooooooooom! (4 yo)

I guess no one would then dare to ask him to shut up or talk softly!


A Vet on Mondays and a Hair Stylist on Fridays.

Puts work life balance in a whole new perspective here.

 A Painter, a Magician, and a Teacher (7 yo)

So if the children are bored in class she can do a magic trick and have one of her paintings appear.


The T Rex (4 yo)

I guess it is an acceptable career choice given that if you are big and scary and eat little men for breakfast, then nobody can tell you to go to bed at 7pm, finish your broccoli before you get dessert, or put your toys away after messing up the house with them.


An Elsa Hairdresser (5 yo).  A Vet Princess (12 yo).

Because princesses with careers are very cool too.

A Fashion Designer for animals, “and maybe the President of France” ( 5 yo)

They say treat animals like your friends. You can’t hang around with friends with a poor fashion sense, can you? Then again, if you are the President of France, it may just be easier to decree everyone into wearing colour coordinated outfits.

Anything what will allow me to enter into the underground tunnels and pipes (5 yo)

Uh, just because.



Disclaimer: This is not a work of fiction. Characters, hopes and dreams are either  products of the kids imaginations, or made up by notorious parents.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely intentional.
All illustrations are lovingly made by Savvy Soumya, absolutely free of cost due to alternative begging & coercive acts on the author’s part.

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