Top 5 observations from the Land of Little Lettuces

Air France cancelled our tickets to Zurich. So we ended up with the Alfacinhas. Our first big trip as a family. Top five observations follow:

1. If you order strange sounding drinks, you will end up having shots for breakfast.


2. If your kid is manic about personal hygiene, the beach may not be the best place to take her for a vacation. Sand sticks to toes and causes loud panic attacks. This leads people to suspect that you may have kidnapped your own daughter.


3. Lisbon, with its cobbled streets and hilly roads, is by no means an infant friendly city. But the grandpas and grandmas are the stuff that dreams are made of. They stop to play with the kid, they laugh and make space for you in a crowded metro, they walk you to the elevators when they see you struggling with your pram in front of escalators, and I have a suspicion that given the chance, they would sit you down to tell stories about the Portuguese Raja Ranis too.


4. I want this life that the kid has. She plays, she eats, she sleeps. Then she goes on vacation to take a break from all the playing, eating and sleeping.


5. Whoever said, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey to get there”, clearly hasn’t gotten on a plane to anywhere with a two year old.



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