Age is just a word

A friend was playing this game on FB where she ‘gets’ an age, and then she has to share what life had been at that age, as compared to now. I am so well encrusted into my middle age now, that I immediately thought, it would be fun to remember what life was life when I wasn’t as old as now. So here goes:

Age I was given : 15
Where I lived : Jamshedpur
What I drove/rode : The company bus ( the TAYO Bus, not to be confused with the TISCO Bus – this is important because we had bus passes, and children of one bus generally were not allowed on the other, because who knows – we were all picked up from the same place and dropped off at the same place too.)
What I did : Worried about my bushy eyebrows. Hid novels inside course books. Got caught with embarrassing frequency, and was told I will only get admission in a specific local college, and be married off at 18 because that’s what happens to kids who don’t focus on studies. Dreamt about catapulting my Physics books to moon. Avoided my sister at school. Also avoided drawing class, dance class & music class.
Who had my heart : Michael Moscovitz (who I re-fell in love with in college, because I tend to forget the books that I have read). Also Alistair MacLean. He was Scottish. And he wrote. My criteria for men wasn’t quite evolved.

Age now : 34
Where I live : Den Haag
What I drive/ride : Tram (and soon, a cycle)
What I do: 95% of the time I work as a picker of things from the floor. In the other 5%, I plan marketing shindig, raise a kid, convince my husband to eat out, and crib about how much fat we are gaining by virtue of eating out. I also bake, but since coming to the Netherlands, people just think that if all I am baking are muffins and cupcakes, then I am weird.
Who has my heart : My family


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