Dear cc, 6 ways your life won’t actually change as you turn 3.

1. Pants continue to be optional


2. When someone says hello, it remains a perfectly acceptable response to turn into a dragon, and spit fire at them. Or cast a spell that turns their hair into antlers


3. Seeking vicarious thrill out of making unreasonable demands from your parents, can still remain a full time job


4. Your parents will continue trying to feed you things that aren’t Bhujiya

5. You will continue to be in a relationship with us, because we know how to operate the music system
6. No 3 year old is ever going to rock those glasses, more than you
I guess what I am saying is that, there is really no quitting this madness. Happy 3 to you!


Me: When you hurt someone, you must say, “Sorry.”
Kid: *Sowwy*
Me: and when they forgive you, they will say, “It’s ok.”
Kid: *Itswokay*

Later in the day, kid drops a pen. She immediately picks it up, puts it on the chair, and says in earnest, “Sowwy Pen.” She eyes it patiently for a considerable time, then gives up, and starts babble cursing it for not forgiving her.

Sweet Chai of Mine

We are Chai people. We love making its preparation an elaborate affair. So I made cardamom powder and mixed it with the Chai masaala, that S had got from India.I was feeling very satisfied with the whole process till S walked into the kitchen and asked, “Why is the Chaat masaala box open?”


Kid stops on a busy sidewalk in front of the street musician. The musician smiles, and plays a peppy tune for the kid, who has by now started doing the dance that we at home like to call, ‘milking the cow’. After the song is over, the kid bends over, reaches into the musician’s tip jar, pulls out a shiny euro, and walks away calmly.