#OrigamiOuch #pintrestmomfail

Tuesday, 7 o’clock in the morning

Kid : Will brush her teeth if I first make an umbrella with the green origami paper.

Me: Finished making one by tying paper to stick, with a rubber-band.

Friday is far, far away, but that doesn’t stop us from acting drunk now.


On the fly

*Walks into room holding a basket on a stick*

Kid: Look mamma, it’s kite?
Me: Yes
Kid: It’s fly?
Me: Yes

*throws basket into the air, and it lands on the floor with a thud*

Kid: Mamma, is not kite

It’s Saturday afternoon, and we now know at least 3 things in this house that aren’t kite.


Tropic of Discussion

Question: When will it be summer in Holland?

Neighbor: We have summer for 3 days in July.

Stranger in the city : It’s summer on May 21st. I know, because my friend’s kid is 18 now, and his birthday falls on May 21st. Till date, there have been only 2 instances when he had to celebrate his special day indoors.

Stranger in the elevator: Dutch summer is like Santa. You believe in it, but soon realize that it’s a myth.

The Kid: It’s raining and winding ( the dictionary is currently full with all the words we need to know for the near future).